Friday, 11 November 2011

Hair Accessories New project completed

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Saturday, 29 October 2011

completed project - cold porcelain

Just like I promised , these are what we made out of the Cold Porcelain Flowers.I posted link here cold-porcelain-flowers-in-making

                                                 Boutonniere/ Buttonhole in Orange and Blue

                                                         And a decoration for a wedding Card

These are made to order :

Please contact me for prices I have other pieces for samples made as well.boutonnieres-in-cold-porcelain


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Cold Porcelain- flowers in the making

I just had to add these pictures of what we are working on. these are Cold Porcelain or Air dry clay Flowers.

Orange Calla Lillie with the bud here we used beads
              Preparing the leaves for Deco used ribbon with stick stones
         Painting the calla Lilly to blue color , oh and we did not make this clay at home we bought daisy clay

              Will post the pictures of the finished flowers real soon and the things that we did with them :)

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Crochet cap scarf

I don't have a pattern to this but I made this like a long time ago and just went along 


This is one of my oldest work in crochet 

Sunday, 28 August 2011


Just as I promised better clear pictures.

Weekend Masti - feather

Am back with another post on the work i did this weekend. Feathers
I been meaning to make these accessories been long I just managed to make this earring and pendant

  This Pendant not only has a feather but it also has a Birds nest with wood beads , just another of the experiment i wanted to try for a long time now.
SORRY. the pictures don't do real justice out of focus will do my best to get better looking pictures soon.

If you like these and like to order them then please contact me via email

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Gifts from the heart

Why do we give gifts? What meanings does a gift carry?

A lot of people may not think about it and just buys anything as long as they have something to give, but every gift has a meaning, especially to those who are really close and value their relationship a lot.For some it is,  Gifts having meaning as of romantic, unique, and funny expression of it sender.I know of mostly getting gifts as flowers, either way i love gifts in any kind makes us feel so special.Below are pictures of the Gifts I made From The Heart, homemade gifts.

Each picture has a story to tell:

1) Friendship day gift cold porcelain cluster earrings  to my office colleague
 2) My first Knit headband Gave it to my little friend who learns crochet from me :)
3)Headband crochet request for an office colleague to gift his niece on Rakhi day ( Cute she is just 2 and half years old) this picture was not taken by me.
 3) Request after seeing the babies headband , I made 2 more headbands one is knit and the other Crochet as a gift and it helped me practice my skills

We all have busy scedules, I am open to volenteer to make homemade gifts on request ,  place your order,Send me  an email with your name and request of what you would like.For more ideas on my  work see visit my facebook page:

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Hair Clips

Hi All it has been so long since i did any craft work, but this Sunday I came up with some mixed art work. Crochet with bead and Satin flowers the pictures are the rough hair clip work I made . Will be making more so look out and watch out as I will be selling them soon as well. I cant duplicate what i make. :)

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Timeless Creazion: Boutonnieres in cold porcelain

Timeless Creazion: Boutonnieres in cold porcelain: "Wedding gorgeous handmade,Rose and calla lilies Boutonniere . These are sample pieces made by my Sister Anna Silveira .. And me. We are ..."

Monday, 18 April 2011

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Timeless Creazion: Work in progress

Timeless Creazion: Work in progress: "New Rings and Earring Range in Progress All of my pieces are for sale, contact me if you are interested in any of my work. I can also custom..."

Work in progress

New Rings and Earring Range in Progress

All of my pieces are for sale, contact me if you are interested in any of my work. I can also customize any of my piece for specific colors, sizes, names etc.


ONE AND UNIQUE,Each piece is handmade with care, making it both beautiful and unique. Many are One-off designs,I love to create new things and bores me making the same thing more than once.


You will not find any of these designs two times,they always be different colors or differents models,Since these pieces are handmade, no two are exactly the same.


Just to remind you I make my own cold porcelain paste.We Use the best ingredients to make our cold porcelain paste.The last thing Hands On Arts and Crafts want is for our products to cause health problems in our customers.
Thanks everybody

Friday, 8 April 2011

Creativity is a wonderful thing


I make my own cold porcelain paste with the Help of my sister Anna" I love you"  and several attempts ,using Non-Toxic ingredient :) .With this paste we make our own dolls,favors,Jewelery and gifts.please note that our Cold Porcelain items are very fragil as any Porcelain.Creativity is a wonderful thing,but not at the expense of health and physical well-being.There is no polymer clay used in any of our products or jewelry.Bu I would Like to work with the product really soon. For now i Have attached one of my complete piece i made.

These piece is made entirely by Cold Porcelain clay all ready to be used.the basket is empty and ready to have some chocolate eggs in it and be gifted out.
I have not kept this for sale but I will be more than happy if you would like to buy this piece to gift filling it with you own desired chocolate. I will provide it with my own handmade go green project box which will not need any other gift warp. just open the box add the chocolate and close the box.
I can also take custom orders.
Share with family or friends you know who make chocolates and want a different idea to gift their chocolates i am open to take bulk order but cannot guarantee that every piece will be the same as it is all handmade
you can visit,any time, day or night, as we are always open for your convenience! Visit our blog often as we are constantly adding new Jewelry designs and Gift products

Thanks for visiting again.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Easter Collection Watch out for more

Welcome all to my Easter Collections

To Let you all know about my work I will write real soon about it on another post.
These are not made of any Toxic material and all hand made and light weight

Bunny Rabbit earring in blue

Earring  Yellow Bird on a branch 

Earring  Blue Bird on a branch 

Bunny Rabbit earring in Pink

Earring Eggs in a nest

Bunny Rabbit earring in Yellow

Please contact me Via facebook or email for the prize of these earrings


Friday, 1 April 2011

Boutonnieres in cold porcelain

Wedding gorgeous handmade,Rose and calla lilies Boutonniere . These are sample pieces made by my Sister Anna Silveira .. And me.

We are open to take custom order and can make many more flowers working on the choice of your color theme.

Below are the  flowers we made for a wedding with Cloth and Crystal beads Boutonnieres these can me made on request with many more styling 

Please send an equirey by email to Or contact Via face book on the wall Timeless Creazion FB page