Sunday, 26 February 2012

Just keeping you posted .Cold Porcelain Flowers

Just a few more pictures on the Cold Porcelain Flowers

First attempt Chrysanthemum in a deep red color i love the way it turned up I have a few ideas on how to decorate it and as always my main forte is to make these beautiful flowers to buttonhole/boutonniere,

 And the other flower

Frangipani in a beautiful blue just in the mood for the beach I guess. Again developing a million ideas on how to turn them to buttonhole/boutonniere.

A quick update on my mission to go green as much as I can. These are Pieces made of paper don't think i will ever complete them though quiet not happy with how they turned out.
 Let me know what you think of them Will give more information on the paper jewellery in the next post

And as always before I go if you would like to place an order for Cold porcelain  buttonhole/boutonniere.
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