Friday, 8 April 2011

Creativity is a wonderful thing


I make my own cold porcelain paste with the Help of my sister Anna" I love you"  and several attempts ,using Non-Toxic ingredient :) .With this paste we make our own dolls,favors,Jewelery and gifts.please note that our Cold Porcelain items are very fragil as any Porcelain.Creativity is a wonderful thing,but not at the expense of health and physical well-being.There is no polymer clay used in any of our products or jewelry.Bu I would Like to work with the product really soon. For now i Have attached one of my complete piece i made.

These piece is made entirely by Cold Porcelain clay all ready to be used.the basket is empty and ready to have some chocolate eggs in it and be gifted out.
I have not kept this for sale but I will be more than happy if you would like to buy this piece to gift filling it with you own desired chocolate. I will provide it with my own handmade go green project box which will not need any other gift warp. just open the box add the chocolate and close the box.
I can also take custom orders.
Share with family or friends you know who make chocolates and want a different idea to gift their chocolates i am open to take bulk order but cannot guarantee that every piece will be the same as it is all handmade
you can visit,any time, day or night, as we are always open for your convenience! Visit our blog often as we are constantly adding new Jewelry designs and Gift products

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