Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Gifts from the heart

Why do we give gifts? What meanings does a gift carry?

A lot of people may not think about it and just buys anything as long as they have something to give, but every gift has a meaning, especially to those who are really close and value their relationship a lot.For some it is,  Gifts having meaning as of romantic, unique, and funny expression of it sender.I know of mostly getting gifts as flowers, either way i love gifts in any kind makes us feel so special.Below are pictures of the Gifts I made From The Heart, homemade gifts.

Each picture has a story to tell:

1) Friendship day gift cold porcelain cluster earrings  to my office colleague
 2) My first Knit headband Gave it to my little friend who learns crochet from me :)
3)Headband crochet request for an office colleague to gift his niece on Rakhi day ( Cute she is just 2 and half years old) this picture was not taken by me.
 3) Request after seeing the babies headband , I made 2 more headbands one is knit and the other Crochet as a gift and it helped me practice my skills

We all have busy scedules, I am open to volenteer to make homemade gifts on request ,  place your order,Send me  an email with your name and request of what you would like.For more ideas on my  work see visit my facebook page: http://facebook.com/timeless.creazion
Email: timelesscreazion@gmail.com

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