Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The orange fascinator/ headpiece and the Tiara making tips

HI Everyone

I finally got a chance to show you another project I made.and wanted to share the technique its simple really

1.Brides Tiara:
Lets start with the Tiara it is a piece of cheap necklace jewellery bought from the market cost about Rs 100 all we had to do is take the chains off and add pins on the back of the hair .

2.Brides maid Headpiece/ Fascinator
Ok Lets start now the fun part like you all know i love to recycle am a junk collector
the Head piece or fascinator of the brides maid is part recycle and the rest is materials bought to match the theme colour for the wedding.Experiment am very proud off. Below is the close picture of me trying it when half done
1:Need a cup like shape sponge soft material (pad of the shoulder or this is going to surprise you pad of an old bra cup)
2: Flowers of your choice, I got these ready made from the market
3 plain satin fabric colour of your choice.
3: Net fabric i used two kinds off your choice.
4: Hot Glue gun or fabric glue
5:Felt fabric
6:beads and diamond stick ons
7:nylon wire
8:alligator clip or any other back comp or click clip will do as well
I used a bra cup from a dress which had a round padding - now this is what i call recycling :). I covered the pad with satin fabric and then stitched the felt at the back. now on the satin part i got the net fabric and stitched it together and attached at the back don't worry about the messy stitching marks it will all be covered.further i used the nylon thread and added the beads to them and attached them in an over lay style with hot glue gun added the flowers.

This is what it looks like from a closer view . for the finishing touches and stick on diamond studs in the middle of the flower and a few on the net.
The Final product all done and on the GO 
And also i used the rest of the net  for the more Items the Stole attached with a belt broach last minute need to wear in church  and the basket made for the flower girl 
The basket is made from an old bouquet of fresh flowers and the left over net from the stole and headpiece

And also used the extra flowers in the brides bouquet
Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial for any question please contact me . I am sorry i don't have any definite pictures but this was an experiment went good I will soon be making another piece and will have either a video tutorial or a picture tutorial.

To contact for a similar piece or another piece like this one in a different color please do email me at


  1. Creative work. Marvelous !! Really like your creations :)

  2. Thankyou very much I wonder why did i not get your comment on gmail to reply back :)