Monday, 21 May 2012

Recycled CD Clock Art

Recycled CD Clock Art

This is my latest creation 

All the clocks are handmade with a high gloss finish. Great for any room or office. Send or receive a unique gift to be enjoyed for many years.This Clock has News paper using decoupaged technique the Numbers are made from Plastic bottle ..
I made 9 pieces which turned out to be trial and error and I short-listed 4 of my favorite ones and have put them up for sale

Please comment let me know what you all think :)

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Welcome To Timeless Creazion

 I introduced Timeless Creazion a  individual not mass produced elegant handmade, jewellery, accessories, crafts and ethical and unusual gifts and presentsItems. which will be introduce a limited on-line specialty item. Hand-made jewellery with an eco Upcycling and recycled-twist.
 Shop Here:

Just a few Pictures of what I have made this time Its Hair Piece which can be used as a Brooch too

I have made it a Piece with Elastic on the back with a thin wire rust proof so u can just to for adjustment sake this is best for a bad hair day I believe and just if not in the mood for hair then pin it to your plain pearl Necklace or to a black or white dress it will make the outfit jump Now I dont have pictures for that but I will have an update shortly on how it looks on clothes and on the hair as well Enjoy the pictures for Now :)

FYI I still am Eco these Flowers and Feathers are from old projects and party caps , mask and blow whistles lol

Please comment and Let me know what you think I will have an Update on the pictures to actually show what I mean as a multiple use . also I am adding a new page of Items I have already sold and will keep updating it as I will miss my little babies and I cannot duplicate them :(

Cheers and Keep Smiling

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Online shops Arts & Crafts Supplies Part two ( Review) just received the package today and am happy with what I received
the fastest of delivery is love these guys for the products they have in their store.

My heart break is the they called me three days in a row after a whole week and finally admitted they do not have the products so now am waiting for a refund.

I liked  I have not received the package yet but they were so kind to call me and tell me that one of the colors is not in stock and they will receive it in two days I said yay yippie send it all together :)

Am still looking for online shops and i added a new page to my blog. will keep adding the shops on there

Keep crafting 

Lots of love Chirstalina :)

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Friday, 4 May 2012

Online shops Arts & Crafts Supplies Part one ( Review)

I will be using this blog to write reviews about online shops in India.

I would like to share my experience when shopping. I love shopping online. I have shopped in numerous websites from small online stores in multiply market, to professional webstores. Statistics show that more than 50% of population use online shopping services. With such a demand that is rapidly growing the services provider’s number has also gone up like crazy. This means more shops to choose from and of course not all of them offer the expected quality. Which further means an online purchase will take more and more time from the time you decide you want to buy something to the moment you actually make the purchase? Therefore there is a growing need for fast shopping, better organized websites/online shops, and fewer steps for completing a purchase and anything else that can save up some time. is always one of the stops I shopped on and have been very happy with the craft supplies we get there.
But of lately with my venture to shop online and demands for more crafting experiments. I came across a sight called
I did order for a few things and had a good experience shopping with them. They have a list of different things on there you can chose from in any kinds of art or crafts work you do including Jewellery supplies. Costing is quiet reasonable as well. And have currently support multiple online payments options too.
You might be able to find some embellishments for crafting and I have shopped at  you will have to go to their /hobby-N –craft section
Also another sight for regular stationary shopping from paints to glue the website is
I have just recently placed my order from this sight and am waiting for the purchases I made will keep you posted on it
Also try this website for paints and more :  section  Arts and Craft supplies you can get brands like Faber - Castle products worth a watch
For one of the sights to get a collection of paints and you can shop at it has a very special section that say This is a Gift Order. Please do not show prices on the packing slip. For me this is like they do care and if you know anyone who wants to be an artist or crafter you have your options sitting at home J . I have placed an order from here will give review soon

Similar for paints especially for artist, Painters there is

And for all the crafters who been wanting products for scrap booking I have placed an order form they do take cash on delivery options and I will get back to tell you of how I think my experience is .

The other stores I will get back with info on are

Good luck with your internet shopping and check back soon for reviews on other sights