Sunday, 5 February 2012

valentine's day 4th Feb 2012 (Rose Cold Porcelain)

Valentines day

Nothing can be more ideal than those beautiful Valentine's Day roses to gift to the one you love the most.The meaning of Valentines Day is to cherish the one or one's that you love could be anyone . Why not...Gift Roses that are made to last forever.

Here is a piece My sister has worked on and completed.

Phase one: the Petals made of Clay or Col Porcelain/ Air Dry clay and putting them together

  When it is all completed to how a big rose should look like :)
Phase Two the painting of the rose flower most messy part but artist love mess

 Finally the Red color that we were aiming for :)
And Phase three the Completed Flower Rose for Your Valentine

These can be custom made to any color you desire pick your favorite color of rose you would like to gift. Red being the Theme color for Valentines we made this one. It is of Cold Porcelain/ Air dry clay non toxic and long lasting :)
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