Saturday, 26 March 2011

My personal go green recycled mission

My personal mission to be as green as I can be.I always try to used recycled wrapping. I accumulate paper and boxes through the year and I've never run out of supplies yet.These are a few pictures of how I will have your ordered product sent that is hand made by me. :) you can always ask for the bags as it is as well, contact me for the price.
Gift bag and gift display card using News paper as deco the 
earrings are for Sale and available on ebay

I can also add a Thank you card or note to the person as a gift

Watch out for more Packing made by my "Go Green Mission" :) Enjoy

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

My First collection Leaves

Welcome Crafters,art lovers, fellow artists, friends and the curious!Welcome To My Blog .Welcome to My World of Dreams.A place for me to share my work. I have a lot of things to say and in this new blog. I've thought for a while about starting a blog based on some advice from my friends and Family.I'm not sure exactly what I'll be writing about, but with the project I have completed I will share on these page.With the information about what i have done. You are all Free to request to buy or Request to get in touch to learn.Either way I am open to share my talent with everyone.
GOd Bless You all! and Thank_You for stoping by! :)

I mostly work with Homemade Cold porcelain.Not limited to fuse in other materials to experiment and make them mixed midea work.Right now at the moment, I've complete my first collection with handmade cold porcelain leaves which are in different colours and different styling for costume jewelery. I want to make my livelihood from the sale of my artwork and teaching how to be crafty

I am self thought and for all i know me and my sister has always been crafters. As i did mention I am going to do my best in saving the environmet.i will have these sent to you in a tiny decorated paper bag which will be made by me. Enjoy your journey here

Please check my facebook account you will see the full description and picture there