Thursday, 10 May 2012

Online shops Arts & Crafts Supplies Part two ( Review) just received the package today and am happy with what I received
the fastest of delivery is love these guys for the products they have in their store.

My heart break is the they called me three days in a row after a whole week and finally admitted they do not have the products so now am waiting for a refund.

I liked  I have not received the package yet but they were so kind to call me and tell me that one of the colors is not in stock and they will receive it in two days I said yay yippie send it all together :)

Am still looking for online shops and i added a new page to my blog. will keep adding the shops on there

Keep crafting 

Lots of love Chirstalina :)


  1. Hi,

    You should also try out Craftsvilla

    They are a portal for unique handmade, handcrafted items and have a really nice collection of bags and jewellery. Worth checking out!

  2. Hi Kritika
    I have checked them out I will be trying the sight real soon..